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The question haunts millions of women every day when they look themselves in the mirror, are they beautiful enough, pretty enough, slim enough. With the fashion and media industry setting unrealistic standards for women to embody, beauty has become more complicated than it ever was. 

It is easy to get swept off by the bill board images of skinny models with their drop dead perfect looks and resign yourself to believing that no matter how hard you try , you will never ever match the scales. But before you call it quits, remember this:

• Being yourself is beautiful: 

Instead of being driven by others definitions of perfect and beautiful, create some of your own, define your personal style for you know what looks best on you and what you can carry with grace. 
Embracing your own self and your inner beauty will make you stand out from the crowd. For you are not meant to be the next Miss X, you are the Next You!
 be yourself

• All you need is your perfect smile:

Happy Girls are always the most beautiful girls!
This is one beauty tip that costs nothing and you can wear it every day. While expensive kits, surgeries and treatments can give you a temporary high, if you are looking for an everlasting beauty remedy, smile is your best option. 
Be positive, cheerful and happy in your demeanor and you will steal many compliments and admiring looks.
happy girls

• Put an end to the comparisons:


I hated myself during my teens because I thought I was too thin and subsequently grew up hating the pounds I was accumulating during my 20’s. To think of it, I was never really happy with the way I looked because of the numerous comparisons that kept going in my head.
There will always be someone slimmer, prettier, stylish, adorning the hip tattoo, the manicured nails and the happening haircut but if you torture yourself by estimating your own self-worth in comparison to them, you will never be good enough. 
You are special because you are not like anyone else. Your beauty and strength lies in your uniqueness.
Don't compare

• Accept your natural size and looks: 

Robyn Lawley started modelling at an early age of 16 and wanted to be a super model but soon discovered that even after tons of dieting and strict 
routines and even at her my absolute skinniest self, she wasn’t skinny enough to be a model. 
She declared at the Ellen DeGeneres show that it was this realization that came as a turning point in her career and she decided to stop trying to fit in and accept happily the way she was. 
She is now a top plus sized model featuring regularly on the covers of high end fashion magazines like Elle and vogue. 
accept your natural size and looks

• Say ‘I love my body’ and mean it:

Do you know that even the best top models go through quick workouts just before photo shoots and even then the billboard pictures that you drool over and find so stunning are not their real pictures but highly edited and photo shopped versions of the same aimed to hide the flaws and accentuate the perfect looks. 
In reality the models themselves wish they could like their own images. So if the top models who earn their livings off their looks can’t manage to 
look perfect all the time, is it really sensible to torture ourselves chasing the perfect body? 
Instead, get down form the scale, keep the measuring tape at bay and indulge in pure self-love. Say every day ‘I love my body and believe in it!’
I love my body

• Beauty is a choice:

If you think you are beautiful, you are right, if you are think you are not, you are probably right too. Confused? Well it simply means, the way you feel about yourself is in your hands and a choice you can make. 
You can choose to let your hair lose, wear the baggy trousers and the oversized t-shirt and go out in your slippers or you could put three layers of makeup and spend hours dressing up…..the choice is always yours but what’s important is to feel comfortable with yourself and happy about your looks. 
Focus on what makes you feel good about yourself and follow that!
Make up or no makeup look , whatever you may choose….follow it with confidence and attitude and never be apologetic about the choices you make.
beauty is a choice


I am Swati Chauhan and i live in the South of Sweden. A computer engineer and a Management graduate by education, I am a writer by passion. I write about personal growth, self motivation,increasing productivity, optimizing life,achieving goals,social skills and increasing the Happiness quotient of your life.


  1. Wonderful post! I agree to it word by word! I always keep telling my teenage daughter not to take her looks too seriously, as no one else does. No matter how much make up or accessories you wear, lack of self confidence is going to spoil your looks!

  2. It’s one of the most important lessons to teach my daughter (rather for every mother-daughter)..normal looking people become so judgmental of themselves and others…rightly said, the cosmetic/fashion industry is to blame, who are out there to make a fortune on peoples’ insecurities (by making them insecure for no good reason)…people are beautiful inside..it’s good to pamper yourself to feel good, but disliking/changing who you are is awful! …very meaningful post btw!

  3. Very true! The society has made everything commercial in order to make money and has thus set various standards including beauty. Bharti is yet another example.

    Showing love and respect to ones own body results in good health than giving undue importance to external beauty which only gives rise to other health problems.

    • You are right Fayaz, at the end of the day its commercialization of our most private things in life.. The constant love for fairer skin and size zero figures is driving the Indian youth crazy and making them lose focus on the more important aspects of like like career and health.

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