When loneliness is the only company left : Lonely Hearts

When loneliness is the only company left : Lonely Hearts 

By :  Swati Chauhan 

 lonely hearts


This poem was first published in the book Just Six Evenings.


As the day adorns a black robe

And the sun goes down turning a pale orange

I sit in a corner and relive yesterday

Moments of joy your love would bring.


The smile your thoughts brought on my face,

The warmth of melting in your embrace

The time that froze when you looked at me

The love in your eyes only I could see.


But the eyes are now empty and the smiles have faded away,

Loneliness engulfs my night and day.

I call your name but the voice echoes…

With each passing moment this distance grows.



Come back to me and hold me before I fall,

Reach out to me now and break this wall.

Hope in my heart is now dying…

For a love that never returns…… was never mine!


Much Love,
Swati Chauhan


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