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Voices of the Silence within: A short poem


Feeling sad

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By :  Swati Chauhan 

When the silence within shouts aloud

the noises outside slowly die out.


You see yourself in the light of truth

and crowds disperse in your mind

The hand you held has left you now

you walk alone, no shadows behind.


 It hits you hard, you wonder what to do

how could it happen, only to you

you held so strong

and you hugged so tight

it was the only stretch left to walk

before you could finish the last mile.


Nothing feels right now

and nothing you can do

all colours of joy and hope

rotten n withered before you knew.


Will these clouds ever leave

will the colours shine again

will you ever step out and say

oh I wish to dance in this rain!

For when the silence within shouts aloud

a cacophony of pain breaks out

Your world changes to never be the same

and you wonder if you would ever live again.

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Swati Chauhan is a corporate sales professional turned Freelance writer.  A computer engineer and a Management graduate by education, she is a writer by passion. T he Eureka Life has been voted the Top European Blog 2013 by Circle Of M0ms. Apart from “The Eureka Life”, she also writes at YahooLifehackand Pick The Brain. For more information follow her on Google+ or connect with her through her Facebook page.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Rajat Mehta says: December 6, 2013

    Amazing composition ..way to go …so proud

    • swatic12 says: December 7, 2013

      Thanks Rajat. Glad you enjoyed reading it:)


  2. Tarun says: December 6, 2013

    Very true Swati… Beautiful Poem….Stay calm while u have your time and give your soul the nature’s feel… cause this silence will rejuvenate the spirit to live more!


    • swatic12 says: December 7, 2013

      Hey Tarun,

      Thanks for taking out the time to read my poem on your busy Bday Day and liking it.I am glad I wrote something that made you happy on your special day:).

      Big hug,

  3. Deepa says: December 8, 2013

    Beautiful poem. 🙂

  4. Ananya Desai says: December 8, 2013

    I enjoyed reading it. It was absolutely beautiful. hope to read more soon 🙂

  5. Neeraj Kumar says: December 9, 2013

    Here you could replicate the feelings of being human very amazingly!

    It is human to think about life and it is Swati to think about the life so deeply.

    Very meaningful and deep poem.

    • swatic12 says: December 9, 2013

      Thanks Neeraj for your encouraging words.


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