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What is passion

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Passion is not a privilege of the artists, the creative, the singers or the sportsman…any work done with absolute involvement is an act of Passion!~ Swati Chauhan





“Marriage is like balancing a see-saw, when one person rises in ego, vanity and anger, the other needs to go down with forgiveness, patience and endurance.” ~ The Eureka Life

What is Marriage

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add meaning to life

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  The only way to lead a meaningful life… is to add meaning to Life. ~ Swati Chauhan






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          A perfect life partner is the one you can have never ending conversations with, who can turn your frown upside down and who brings out the best in you~ Swati Chauhan

A Perfect Partner

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Developing good habits

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A good habit is nothing more than “a right attitude put into regular practice” ~ Swati Chauhan

Teaching a kid

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The only way to teach a kid a good habit, is to start practising it yourself!








Happiness is a long term feeling, whereas joy or sorrow are just pleasant and unpleasant emotions that are associated with events in our life. We get confused when we mix the two! … excerpt from

How to be happy

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Capturing time

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People only make excuses for things they don’t what to do,
For the ones they are willingly, they always find time! – 

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