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thankyouThis is officially NOT my second blog,( at least that’s not how it started out to be)..I wanted to share a fleeting thought (and couldn’t fit it into the size of a FB Post however hard i tried!). So here it goes…before i started writing my first blog i was full of apprehension, wasn’t sure if i could go back to being the writer i was in my school and university days, wasn’t even sure if i still had it in me to write, give words to my thoughts, to my observations of the world around me and so i stalled a hundred times before posting my blog (much like doing a ‘she loves me , she loves me not’) before making a proposal…..though in my case it was more of a ‘they will like it, they will like it not‘.

This is me before posting the blog….the post-me-posting-the -blog however was quite different. I would like to say i was overwhelmed by the appreciation and motivation showed by my friends (to the extent of being proud) and even people who were not my friends(and were forwarded my blog by some of my really nice friends!), the comments were so inspiring that i started to see myself in a different light(and so insightful that i am compelled to say that some of you might start writing yourself) It takes a second to like a picture, a few more to read a post but to take out time to know what i have to say , and even some more time to express your own views on what i just said is put together really a LOT of TIME. For all those who applauded me with their encouraging comments and views, i want you to know what they did to me….from a apprehensive, anxious wannabe I-THINK-I-CAN write they juxtaposed me to a confident i know-i-can mode…which finally led me to this important observation which i want to share with you…..The ‘art of appreciation’. (Please note though this is no tutorial on How to say Thank you or how to write a thank you note).

I realized how powerful simple words of appreciation can be and what big results they can achieve (not that i coax you to appreciate my upcoming blogs as well!). We like so many things, people, experiences (outside Facebook..yes there is a world outside FB too which we sometimes forget to notice!) in our daily lives that we need to stop and appreciate. Buzzing through our hectic days, combating the pressures of modern living, it is so easy to take each other for granted and forget the importance of letting people know how much we truly appreciate them.

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” said Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you remember how a good score on your report card made you run straight home just to get that big hug from mom (and a ‘good but can do better’ from dad)?Or how you raised your hand in a hurry during the class just at the hint of knowing the right answer expecting a good word from your teacher in front of all your friends, or how you climbed the stage all nervous and shaken and how the thumbs up and cheering from your friends made you forget to be scared of the crowd and you ended up giving your best performance.You may not remember all the gifts you received on your last birthday or who gave what but you will always remember the best compliment you received that evening for years to come.My 8th grade English teacher would evaluate our answers in terms of both marks and remarks which meant that a lot of students could get a 9 out of 10 or even a 9.5 (a 10 on 10 was absolutely prohibited in literature) but only a handful would get her precious comments. I would slog my nights not for that elusive 9.5 but for a good remark from her in her handwriting in my answer sheet. I would read it over and over again(unlike a 9.5 which no matter how great doesn’t make a good second read). Or how about the first project you ran successfully, the first sales of your career, how you announced it to the whole world(in this case your work team and other senior managers) about your accomplishment…. waiting for the well done ,congratulations, great going mail chain in your inbox.I now understand my mom’s single question which she would ask without fail after every meal….how was the food………i wondered at times irritated ,why she would ask the same question, for the simple meals she cooks,i now realize that after hours of hard work, all she wanted to know was that we liked her food.

We are after all humans with the need to be loved, validated, valued and acknowledged.

‘I can live for two months on a good compliment’ said Mark Twain.

Look around and you will realize half the world working on this principle, why do you think a sports team has more chances of winning on their home ground? If you go back to history our great kings kept a herd of courtiers around them only to praise and flatter them. They would even write poetry and songs on the kings greatness and generosity to keep him in good spirits which eventually meant welfare of all….or lets talk about the most recently popular social networking phenomenon called Facebook….ever wondered the concept it runs on ….mutual liking and appreciation. You are as beautiful as the no of likes you get and and as intelligent as people comment you to be..

We live in families, hang out with friends, work in groups and in teams. One word of appreciation can go a long way in in strengthening these bonds, making families stick together, strengthening relationships, making teams more effective and bringing out the best in people. It is an incentive to put up your best show.

The way i look at it….practicing appreciation infuses positivism. Try this…….say thank-you with a frown…doesn’t work? Thats because to acknowledge goodness around you, you need to imbibe some of it yourself first and to pass a smile you need to smile yourself.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Voltaire

So after finishing this blog if you don’t remember the last time you left a thank-you note on a colleagues table, a smiley in a friends notebook, or a ‘I love you’ post-it for your loved one ….START TODAY and you will be surprised what wonders these little words can achieve.

For all i need sometimes…is a pat on the back,an assuring smile,a few good words to last this while.

Thank you for Reading!




I am Swati Chauhan and i live in the South of Sweden. A computer engineer and a Management graduate by education, I am a writer by passion. I write about personal growth, self motivation,increasing productivity, optimizing life,achieving goals,social skills and increasing the Happiness quotient of your life.


  1. Dear Swati
    Susan and me knew you only for a short while, but they were the years you went thru great difficulty. Susan had a special corner in her heart and at that time you were a shy, quiet girl. I am happy to see you develop into a happy, confident young woman. I liked your blog ……. Keep writing.

  2. This is so good that you have started such a nice blog where you can do so many new things apart from FB life. And I am very much sure that your personal experiances and blog postings will make the eureka life a useful blog to read. Happy blogging 🙂

  3. Hi Swati, this was lovely write up…great going girl…all the best 🙂

  4. True… very True Swati..
    The essence of encouragement IS appreciation.
    What I have learned is that discipline can be achieved in 2 ways : Love and Terror.
    Normally, we use the latter one, though everyone knows that it is very temporary. By loving/caring/encouraging you can make a permanent change in one’s life…..

    Cheers!!! to life

  5. Hi Swati, I really liked this one. I nearly forgot the power of appreciation in last few years. Will go back and start doing now 😉


  6. It seems that you write whatever you experience in your daily life not merely the thoughts which often come to our minds, and that is the sole reason why your writing touch peoples as most of your writing are there experiences too somewhere or other. Merely giving and receiving thanks is not complete … sometimes we can not pay the cost of efforts of somebody by just saying THANKS …. I just mean to say that while giving or receiving the THANK YOU … one should have a feel for himself and make other feel the depth of THANKS

    In other words what I have experienced the depth of THANK YOU is something which wholly depend on the person who receives rather the person from which it come. For e.g. if I do something for you with a lot of effort and you says thank you casualy but I will receive it with the depth of my efforts done, in the other case, if my casual efforts can solve a much bigger problem of anybody his/her thank you wouldn’t effect me to that depth.
    The simplest rule of understanding someones feeling is to put yourself in place of himself or herself then you can feel the touch of emotions, the softness of heart for you, there expectations, etc…. to some extent

    Well Swati, I really appreciate your ideas, efforts and way of expressing the thought .. you are doing good job. Keep it up… My good wishes are with you

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