7 Tips For Organizing Kids Homework and Time Management

kids homework

7 Tips For Organizing Kids Homework and Time Management    As the school year begins, homework, assignments, and deadlines come along. Children have to be organized. For some, organization comes naturally, while others have to work little harder to maintain a schedule… Continue Reading


Five Parenting Lessons We Realized Were Best Left Un-learned

parenting lessons

When we had our first baby we were introduced to a completely new world, the world of first giggles, wobbly walks but most of all advice and suggestions. They came from everywhere and everyone.   From the distant relative to the… Continue Reading


Letting Go To Let ‘KIDS BE KIDS’: Importance of Self Play

Let kids be kids

Letting go to let ‘Kids be Kids’ By: Swati Chauhan A week before I left for my first solo trip to India with little Amy I was still unsure if I was doing the right thing, carrying a one year… Continue Reading


15 hilarious ways kids torture their parents and the hidden life lessons behind them

kids misbehaving

If you are parent of a toddler, you probably know why I used the word Torture and hilarious in the same line to describe your state of being. For parenting a toddler is like a comedy of errors and a… Continue Reading


10 life lessons i learned from my 1 year old

Learning from kids

By: Swati Chauhan  This post was republished at Yahoo!   It is said that children learn by imitating their parents. But watching my 1 year old bend and stand up on her own to take her first wobbly steps, I realize there… Continue Reading