10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

bring out the best in each other

By :  Swati Chauhan  Relationships can be quite complex and there exists no definite ‘How-to-guide manual’ for building the perfect healthy relationship (wish there was!). People grow and change over time and with them their relationships too go through their up… Continue Reading


16 Life Lessons I Want My Kids to Know

Life Lessons for Kids

 By: Swati Chauhan As I struggled to hold on to the arm of my one-year-old to keep her from getting lost in the busy galleria, she defiantly pulled it away, taking her first independent steps into a world she wanted to… Continue Reading


The 7 Top Habits of High Achievers

Top 7 habits of high achievers

By: Swati Chauhan What separates the high achievers from the also ran’s, the scorers from the mediocre, the successful from the ordinary. The answer greatly lies in the habits practiced by them over and over again so much so that… Continue Reading


The secret to developing new habits and sticking to them!


New year is a great time of the year, I love everything about it, except for the part where you make resolutions , mostly because of my high incapability to keep them. Lets just say, If there was a record… Continue Reading


Make a new friend today!


A recent article in The Hindu caught my eye- it talked about A joint project initiated after a study of reading habits by the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and the Directorate of Elementary Education to enrol over 5.94 lakh school students… Continue Reading