Like The Phoenix

Like The Phoenix

like the phoenix

Afresh I begin this journey

this voyage called life
There is no way i am looking back now
have slammed the doors behind.


A tear rolls down my cheek
and mixes with the rain,
as it gushes with the water running down my feet
I see all those years sweeping by in vain.
A gush of wind pushes me to a corner
I stagger a little before I fall,
but i wouldn’t be sitting here all night
I will stand back and never fall.
The long scary night envelopes my thoughts 
I reach out in the dark,
but I know beyond the nights darkest hour 
lays a dawn ready to embark.
Like the stray leaves I gather in a gush
and fly away amock,
but like the phoenix I will rise again
this time solid as a rock.


I am Swati Chauhan and i live in the South of Sweden. A computer engineer and a Management graduate by education, I am a writer by passion. I write about personal growth, self motivation,increasing productivity, optimizing life,achieving goals,social skills and increasing the Happiness quotient of your life.

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