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Follow your Heart

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When I took up writing back few months ago and was pondering on Theeurekalife initiative, the road ahead looked blurred. I wasn’t sure if I could take up writing back after leaving it at school level, what exactly I wanted to write about and most importantly where it would lead me.

With time a precious commodity, it comes naturally to us to associate long term benefits and short term rewards to everything that we do and every activity we invest our time and energy to. A lot of people told me that i should be writing about technology and social media( based on my Engg background) since it is the hot topic these days and blogs and websites delivering technology news are very popular.

I gave it the hardest thought I possibly could, I wanted to be appreciated for my work of course but I also wanted to write about things I feel strongly about and not just follow the popularity charts. It seemed difficult to achieve a balance between the two and for once this time I decided to follow my heart and write about the things I wish to talk about and not what apparently I was told people like to read about.

The only aim was now to write original content based on things I feel strongly about or wish to communicate on. The question whether anyone would read this blog or if it would ever get recognized were put on the backseat.

Apprehensively I wrote my first blog, unsure of the reactions and the aftermath. I even wrote a blog about it “Think to Thank“, later to voice my journey back into the world of writing and the appreciation that had followed.

It has been 4 months since then and whatever may happen in my own personal life, however busy or stuck up I am, I strive to keep this affair with writing going each day.

Slowly, the blurred road became clearer on this Journey of dreams (at least I could see I was on a road with my feet on the ground of reality and not just floating in air!).

And then one day, I got my first article “Take Charge of your Happiness today” published on Pickthebrain, the leading website for motivational articles. The next day, an Australian magazine, Enlightened times contacted me for grant of rights to publish the same article in their next issue. I pinched myself to believe it was actually happening.

And yesterday, I got a confirmation mail from the Circle of Moms to request my readers to start voting as the Theeurekalife has been nominated to the Top 25 European Moms – 2013 list for its article “10 Life Lessons I learned from my one Year old”.

The road is slowly getting firmer and the distant dreams are not so distant now. This journey of dreams which started alone has now been joined by thousands of awesome readers, friends and motivators who gave me the confidence to keep going.

Reminds me to remember….

It is important to take that first step,

no matter how small you start……

For you can never fail

 if you truly follow your heart !

 Much Love,
Swati Chauhan

 Update:  The Eureka Life ended up winning the Top European Blog 2013 Contest and has also been published by The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy. Apart from Pick the Brain and Circle of Moms, the Author now writes regularly at Lifehack and Elephant Journal also.


I am Swati Chauhan and i live in the South of Sweden. A computer engineer and a Management graduate by education, I am a writer by passion. I write about personal growth, self motivation,increasing productivity, optimizing life,achieving goals,social skills and increasing the Happiness quotient of your life.


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