To My Friend Who Chooses to be Childfree

childfree in India

This post was first published in Huffington Post dated 18th Feb 2015. I met you at the coffee bar, 20 years after we last saw each other at the university. Your effervescence was still intact and your loud laughter only… Continue Reading


8 Struggles Indian expat wives know too well

expat wives

8 Struggles Indian expat wives know too well This post first appeared on Times Of India  By Swati Chauhan   When my parents started looking for a suitable match for me, the one thing that I specifically told them to avoid was foreign settled… Continue Reading


32 Things Only Parents of Toddlers Understand (and experience)

parent of toddler

By : Swati Chauhan If you are breathing a sigh of relief thinking the worst is over and gone, smirking proudly at your 1+ toddler who doesn’t needs to be carried around or attended to under a 24 hour surveillance… Continue Reading


15 Things Todays Women Should Stop Apologising For

women should stop apologizing

By : Swati Chauhan Do you often find yourself using the word ‘Sorry’, mostly when you have no idea what you are apologising for? This post has been picked for Blogaddas Tangy Tuesday Picks. Numerous researches suggest that women are the… Continue Reading


What is True Love: The magical journey

true love moment

What is true Love is a lovely tale of the sweet bitter pain of waiting in true love, the magic of that moment where your entire world freezes in those few killing, deciding seconds… by guest writer Manoj Khatwani from… Continue Reading


Letting Go To Let ‘KIDS BE KIDS’: Importance of Self Play

Let kids be kids

Letting go to let ‘Kids be Kids’ By: Swati Chauhan A week before I left for my first solo trip to India with little Amy I was still unsure if I was doing the right thing, carrying a one year… Continue Reading


15 hilarious ways kids torture their parents and the hidden life lessons behind them

kids misbehaving

If you are parent of a toddler, you probably know why I used the word Torture and hilarious in the same line to describe your state of being. For parenting a toddler is like a comedy of errors and a… Continue Reading


Single and 30? Here are 12 things you should stop doing right now

single and 30 women

  A survey conducted by Captivate Network involving 670 white collar North American workers few years back revealed that the profile of the most ‘unhappy worker’ was that of a 40+, single, professional women. The results reinstated the age old social norm… Continue Reading


Yes I am a woman and I choose to be myself

Indian Woman

I was sobbing quietly trying to hide in the corner of my seat. The train was leaving the station slowly and I could see my dad waving outside the window smiling. More tears streamed down my cheeks as I realized I would… Continue Reading


Top 10 Love Myths Busted: Love Myths that Damage Happy Relationships

love myths

By Swati Chauhan Remember those fascinating Mills and Boon love novels, the ones we hid under our school books to read at night and the romantic movies that literally swept us off our feet with their mushy love scenes? I don’t… Continue Reading