7 Things that happened When I went Technology Free

technology free

I had been reading a lot of articles lately on how the internet, smart phones and social media are posing a serious threat to its users , sucking us into an unsatisfying digital facsimile of reality by making its users more lonely,… Continue Reading


25 New Year Resolutions you should actually be making for 2015

New year resolutions

25 New Year Resolutions you should actually be making for 2015  This Article was republished on Huffington Post dated 1st Jan 2015. New Year is the most exciting time of the year as it brings with it the opportunity to… Continue Reading


Can you look yourself in the eye and say these 21 positive statements about yourself?

positive statements

If you can Stand in front of the Mirror, look yourself in the eye and say these 21 positive statements about yourself, you have really made it, RESPECT!  By : Swati Chauhan  And say it as if you mean every word of… Continue Reading


12 Biggest Life Mistakes We All Make

things holding you back in life

12 Biggest Life mistakes that are holding you back in life – By : Swati Chauhan   There are a lot of times in our life we feel as if everything is great but still we are not able to make… Continue Reading


Top 7 Important things successful people do

successful people

Everybody wants to be successful in life. And for becoming the same, all of us keep working from dusk to dawn. Still, somehow, due to some reasons we are not yet successful. The reason why we are unsuccessful (for now)… Continue Reading


Choices : Power to Choose, Power to Change


Every woman’s life is the sum of all her choices and Revlon India is here to support that. Choices by Revlon is a platform that will allow every woman to express her opinions and make her choices freely. This month, Revlon talks about Inspiration. This is one of… Continue Reading


10 Statements That Kill Your Work Productivity

10 statements that kill your work productivity

  By :  Swati Chauhan  Productivity is usually associated to the amount of useful work done, targets accomplished and goals achieved. But in this world of distractions, where a million things are competing for each second of your attention, the focus… Continue Reading


10 most effective ways to finish what you start.

Finishing what you start

By :  Swati Chauhan  I have been the champion of the fizzing out game. My father would joke that I would start anything new with enormous enthusiasm and fervour but somewhere along the way, it would fizz out and I… Continue Reading


16 Life Lessons I Want My Kids to Know

Life Lessons for Kids

 By: Swati Chauhan As I struggled to hold on to the arm of my one-year-old to keep her from getting lost in the busy galleria, she defiantly pulled it away, taking her first independent steps into a world she wanted to… Continue Reading


The 7 Top Habits of High Achievers

Top 7 habits of high achievers

By: Swati Chauhan What separates the high achievers from the also ran’s, the scorers from the mediocre, the successful from the ordinary. The answer greatly lies in the habits practiced by them over and over again so much so that… Continue Reading