25 Signs you are the un-disputed king of Delhi Driving

delhi driving

There is something more than just a License you need to deal with Delhi traffic and roads – a little bit of the true Delhi spirit running in your blood because you either have it or you don’t! 1. You… Continue Reading


Five Parenting Lessons We Realized Were Best Left Un-learned

parenting lessons

When we had our first baby we were introduced to a completely new world, the world of first giggles, wobbly walks but most of all advice and suggestions. They came from everywhere and everyone.   From the distant relative to the… Continue Reading


15 signs that you are a true blue small town person

small town

Man has reached the moon, scanned the space and crossed endless oceans. Technology is run helter skelter and so are we humans running painstakingly to invent something new each day. Life moves on in midst of all these in the world , in… Continue Reading


32 Things Only Parents of Toddlers Understand (and experience)

parent of toddler

By : Swati Chauhan If you are breathing a sigh of relief thinking the worst is over and gone, smirking proudly at your 1+ toddler who doesn’t needs to be carried around or attended to under a 24 hour surveillance… Continue Reading


Single and 30? Here are 12 things you should stop doing right now

single and 30 women

  A survey conducted by Captivate Network involving 670 white collar North American workers few years back revealed that the profile of the most ‘unhappy worker’ was that of a 40+, single, professional women. The results reinstated the age old social norm… Continue Reading


20 Things NOT To Do When In love Inspired By The 90’s Bollywood Romantic classics.

what not to do when in love

By :  Swati Chauhan  Statutory warning: All comparisons living or dead are entirely a work of the author’s over futile imagination and all resemblances to any Bollywood character is NO co-incidence.  The post 20 Things not to do when in Love… Continue Reading