7 Things that happened When I went Technology Free

technology free

I had been reading a lot of articles lately on how the internet, smart phones and social media are posing a serious threat to its users , sucking us into an unsatisfying digital facsimile of reality by making its users more lonely,… Continue Reading


To My Friend Who Chooses to be Childfree

childfree in India

This post was first published in Huffington Post dated 18th Feb 2015. I met you at the coffee bar, 20 years after we last saw each other at the university. Your effervescence was still intact and your loud laughter only… Continue Reading


8 Struggles Indian expat wives know too well

expat wives

8 Struggles Indian expat wives know too well This post first appeared on Times Of India  By Swati Chauhan   When my parents started looking for a suitable match for me, the one thing that I specifically told them to avoid was foreign settled… Continue Reading


7 Tips For Organizing Kids Homework and Time Management

kids homework

7 Tips For Organizing Kids Homework and Time Management    As the school year begins, homework, assignments, and deadlines come along. Children have to be organized. For some, organization comes naturally, while others have to work little harder to maintain a schedule… Continue Reading


Are you choosing the right toys?

choose right toys

  By : Swati Chauhan Hey Readers,   We just want to let you know that the following is a sponsored post and we may have received products for free/compensation for evaluation purposes. Regardless, we blog with integrity and all opinion… Continue Reading


Five Parenting Lessons We Realized Were Best Left Un-learned

parenting lessons

When we had our first baby we were introduced to a completely new world, the world of first giggles, wobbly walks but most of all advice and suggestions. They came from everywhere and everyone.   From the distant relative to the… Continue Reading


11 Valuable Life Lessons Indians Can Teach The World


This post first appeared on Thought Catalog.com  By Swati Chauhan   India, the first culture in the world, the treasure house of ancient wisdom and scriptures, the birthplace of algebra, trigonometry and calculus, the inventors of Zero and the binary number system,… Continue Reading


When loneliness is the only company left : Lonely Hearts


When loneliness is the only company left : Lonely Hearts  By :  Swati Chauhan      This poem was first published in the book Just Six Evenings.   As the day adorns a black robe And the sun goes down turning… Continue Reading


32 Things Only Parents of Toddlers Understand (and experience)

parent of toddler

By : Swati Chauhan If you are breathing a sigh of relief thinking the worst is over and gone, smirking proudly at your 1+ toddler who doesn’t needs to be carried around or attended to under a 24 hour surveillance… Continue Reading


15 Things Todays Women Should Stop Apologising For

women should stop apologizing

By : Swati Chauhan Do you often find yourself using the word ‘Sorry’, mostly when you have no idea what you are apologising for? This post has been picked for Blogaddas Tangy Tuesday Picks. Numerous researches suggest that women are the… Continue Reading