15 Things Todays Women Should Stop Apologising For

By : Swati Chauhan

Do you often find yourself using the word ‘Sorry’, mostly when you have no idea what you are apologising for?

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Numerous researches suggest that women are the more apologetic sex.

You bumped into me, oh I am so sorry! You stepped on me, ouch I am sorry! are the ironic situations women find themselves apologising in.

Time to put a stop to this sorry spree and be more rational and level headed individuals if we want the world to respect us. Here are 15 things todays women should absolutely stop apologising for:


women should stop apologizing



1. Being Independent:

Emotional independence, financial independence or just an independent attitude….be proud of it by all means! Know that you are a strong person who can take care of her own needs and doesn’t need a tissue or a helping hand every five minutes. That’s something to be proud of not sorry!

women should stop apologising



2. For being a Career woman and putting yourself first:

If you are an ambitious person and give your career first priority then so be it. Focus on your goals and achieve your dreams but never feel sorry for your aggressive goals or high targets. Men are never sorry for it, why should we be?

women should stop apologizing




3. Applying Make-up:

If you feel applying three layers of base, moisturiser and foundation before stepping out of the house everyday gives you a confidence boost, just go for it. Go all out on the mascara’s, the crazy nail colours and the chic lip shades, just do what makes you feel good about yourself.

women should stop apologizing




4. For saying NO:


 How often we do things to please others, accept drink offers with colleagues when all we want is to rush back home and say yes to a demeaning job to keep peace with Boss and all this just so that we do not disappoint others or spoil their mood.

But, the fact is that by being the ‘Yes-girl’ all the time, we make ourselves unhappy and add unnecessary stress and pressure in our lives.

women should stop apologizing


Learn to say the two alphabets ‘NO’ and never feel sorry for it!



5. For Saying YES:

For saying ‘Yes’, to taking out time for youself to unwind and relax the way you want to whether it is chilling out with a gang or just some quiet time all alone. With the multitude of tasks hovering over our minds and the endless roles we are expected to play, burnout is more a reality than a threat!

It is easy to combat the onset of such a situation though by taking time out for ourselves to do things that lighten us up, whether it is good music, a night out with friends, letting your hair loose dancing to your favorite tracks or just some quiet alone travel.


women should top apologising




6. Loving yourself:


Every person has the right to feel that they are the most important person in their lives and so do you. Do whatever it takes to make yourself smile, treat yourself to good food, drinks and shopping. Travel the world…. treat yourself special….you have every right to!

loving yourself




7. Not being up to it all the time:


There are the good days and then there are the absolutely bad ones, the menstrual cycle days and the general bad hair days. It is absolutely normal and natural to feel down and low during this time and the people around should understand.


women should stop apologising



8. Taking Extra care of your body or health:


Even in the most modern times, women are still often expected to devote most of their time to serve their families , social obligations and doing things for the household.  But to have the energy to run these numerous tasks , it is imperative to take extra care of your body and health through regular gym and workout routines, runs, spas , yoga or just whatever makes keeps you fit and energetic. 



women should stop apologizing



9. For ‘Girls’ time:

Lets face it, girls are the best confidants and the best buddies you can just be yourself with (without makeup, with extra pounds and unshaven legs!). Every girl needs a girl-to-girl bonding time where she can let her hair down, cast away her polished layer and bitch about her crazy boss, or share juicy details of the last night out (every bit of it) and this riddance is just as impotant as spending time with your partner, kids and collegues.


women should stop apologizing

10. For disagreeing with people at work /home/outside:

It is never possible to agree to everyone around and in all situations, whether with boss, your partner or even your best friend, disagreements are bound to arise because no two people are the same. If it is so normal and natural to have different views, why be sorry for your not being of the same view as others all the time?


women should stop apologising

Agree /or Disagree?




11. For the Choices you make :

Whether you get into a relationship or stay single, choose to marry or simply live-in, have one two or no babies at all, work from office or work from home, juggle your job with a baby  ,be a home maker or simply choose to follow your hearts calling, your choices are what make WHO YOU ARE, they are your identity and your territory .
Noboby, repeat Nobody should have the right to trespass it and question the choices you make or what you stand for. Period!


women shouldstop apologising



12. For walking out of relationships that seem too shallow :

Todays women is  not just confident and independent she is also way too emotionally secure to hang on to relationships that are not fulfilling. She understands that wasting her emotions on friends and acquintances that are too vain to fall back on or trust are just not worth the effort.
So if you decide to move out of a relationships that sucks,you are on the right track sweets….just don’t look back!




women should stop apologizing



13. For having your own opinions no matter how ‘BIZARRE’ or ‘QUIRKY’ they may seem:

If you have no opinion, then you might as well not exist.!
Todays women just doesn’t hold her own opnion , she voices it out too and that’s something that deserves a pat-on-the-back , not an apology!


 It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing, its about having an OPINION you can call your own!



14. For expressing your emotions:

This video says it all.

women should stop apologizing


15. For your BODY or LOOKS:

You could be fit or fat, tall or short, fair or dark, blonde or a brunette, at the end of the day they are not things that define the ‘REAL YOU’.
For the real you is the way you carry yourself, the way you face adversities, the way you treat others and the way you treat yourself!
If you are proud of what you  think, feel and do, be proud of the person who looks back at you each morning in the mirror, because she is the most beautiful women in the world…. today and everyday.


women should stop apologising


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I am Swati Chauhan and i live in the South of Sweden. A computer engineer and a Management graduate by education, I am a writer by passion. I write about personal growth, self motivation,increasing productivity, optimizing life,achieving goals,social skills and increasing the Happiness quotient of your life.


  1. Very well said. If women make it a habit to always say sorry, then their lives will certainly be in a sorry state. If they stand for their rights and be firm, positive and upright, they would certainly never be forced to say SORRY all the time.

    • Fayaz, couldn’t agree with you more. Sorry should be used wisely and when you do use
      the word it should be for the right reasons, not because you feel inferior in some way.
      Thanks for sharing your valuabe views Fayaz. Do keep dropping in, its always so good to
      read your comments.

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