12 Biggest Life Mistakes We All Make

12 Biggest Life mistakes that are holding you back in life – By : Swati Chauhan


There are a lot of times in our life we feel as if everything is great but still we are not able to make our dreams a reality, reach our goals or just simply be happy. The answer surprisingly lies in the small things we do (or rather don’t do) unconsciously in our daily lives. Running around meeting the needs of today’s modern living, these common disasters are easily ignored. Here are 12 biggest Life mistakes that are keeping you from realizing your dreams:


1. Not going after your dreams:

Simple as this may sound, this is the most common mistake we make every day our life. We conceive a lot of stuff, a thousand plans go on in our mind but do we really get down to working on them…most often than not….then how do we really expect them to come true ? 


11 things that are holding you back in life




2. Doing something you hate everyday:

Nothing can be more mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting than to force yourself to do things you would rather not. It could be a dull job, pursuing the wrong career, getting the wrong degrees, or dating the wrong people. Once you free yourself of the un-necessary, you would find time and energy to focus on the really important and meaningful things in life.


doing something you hate everyday



3. Living in the could have been’s and the could not’s:

Without realizing we spend a major portion of our time and thoughts thinking about and wondering of things from the past, our past failures, bad experiences, nasty words or rude people. Is it really worth to spend precious time thinking about these people and situations or past failures that cannot be amended? Let go, breathe, today is a new day!


not living in the present moment



4. Saying things you do not really mean:

Isn’t there enough complexity in our lives already that we need to add to it by saying things we have no  intent to follow. Imagine how simple and easy life would be if we just said what we truly , genuinly felt without giving a hoot what the world thinks of it. Being vulnerable is attractive, it speaks volumes of your genuinty and is a symbol of inner strength not weakness.


say what you  mean



 5. Playing it too safe:

Settling into a comfortable lifestyle is too easy (and feels good too!) but the things that add real meaning to life lie beyond this zone. Taking risks big or small, persuading your dreams, being more creative are just some examples. Figure out your own!


playing it too safe



6. Building your life around the Should’s:

One of the most fatal words to avoid is ‘should’, ‘I should get this degree’, ‘I should be working at this level’, ‘I should get married now’, ‘I should be starting a family now’, ‘I should be doing this type of work’ and the list goes on…. we let the should’s govern our life and our senses. But the truth is, till our goals do not match with our core inner values we would never succeed in getting any producitve results . It is important to chose the right goals that define the real us and folllow our own paths rather than the ones showed to us by others if we want to reach any where worth going!

things taht are holding you back in life



7- Losing out on the Real You:

Time changes everything and sometimes people too but whatever the reason, sometimes it is important to just hold on to your true self and not get carried away by whats happening in the world around. No matter how bitter our experiences, if we can still manage to retain our innate sweetness, we can stand out in the crowd and bring cheer and joy in our own life as well as that of others. If you refuse to give up your faith in the good things in life, they will happen to you for sure, just dont give up!


saty the way you are




8.Not having a Plan:



Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert’s in his book, “Stumbling on Happiness.” stated that the greatest achievement of the human brain is its ability to  imagine objects and episodes that do not exist in the realm of the real.”

Life has become so mechanical and process oriented that to fit in, we need to be organized and always on your toes. Even to enjoy a holiday, we need to plan weeks , sometimes months in advance to ensure all the bookings are in place then how can we expect to achieve our goals without a time specific plan in place.

Write to the minuscutest detail everythning you need to do and achieve and detail out each step of how you plan to go about it,  if you really want to see some results and be successful!


things  that are holding you back in life



9. Missing out on the bigger picture:

Sometimes we get so overwhelemed by whatever is happening in the moment and our long list of To Do’s that we lose out on the main goals. It is therefore a good practise to occasionally review ourselves in view of the main objectives we want to ahcieve in life and how close or far we are from them or whether we are on the path towards achieving them or have been deviated. These small occasional checks make sure we are on the right track.



see the bigger picture




 10. Succumbing to a leisurely lifestyle : 

It is easy to spend the entire weekend crouched on your couch and playing dead. After all you deserve it after the killing weeks work, don’t you… but if you take those two days as the time to add new flavour to your life by doing new things or pursuing old hobbies wouldn’t you be leading a far more satisfying life!

In her book “What The Most Successful People Do On The  Weekend,” time management expert Laura Vanderkam outlines how succesful people know that life cannot happen only in the future. It  cannot wait for some day when we are less tired or less busy.” 


things taht are holding you back in life


11. Not taking out enough time to be with family:

Have you noticed how refreshing and relaxing it feels to spend a few moments watching children play or just lazying around in the park with a homemade sandwich, coffee and friends. France has recently brought in rules to protect employees from work email disturbing them outside office hours i.e before 9am and after 6pm.

The deal signed between employers federations and unions says that employees will have to switch off work phones and avoid looking at work email, while firms cannot pressure staff to check messages. It is this work life balance that is required to ensure or mental and physical well being and enhance our productivity by giving us that much needed time to relax and rejuvenate our senses.

 things taht are holding you back in life

12. Ignoring your health:


Running from one task to the other and munching a sandwith in between, we tend to assume that our health will soemhow take care of itself. But remember those days when you couldn’t work those extra 2 hours in the evening because you were too tired or the time you were grasping for breath after climbing the office stairs when the elevator went out of order.

You did think of catching up on your exercise routine and taking a few minutes in the evening for a light jog didn’t you ….go back to that resolution now and follow it . Add to it the diet plan you know you should be following. You know it all, just need to follow it.

things that are holding you back in life

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I am Swati Chauhan and i live in the South of Sweden. A computer engineer and a Management graduate by education, I am a writer by passion. I write about personal growth, self motivation,increasing productivity, optimizing life,achieving goals,social skills and increasing the Happiness quotient of your life.


  1. Nice one Swati… The points 1,2 and 5 remind me of Steve Jobs speech at Stanford.. Quite a remarkable one and some of the all time eternal truths 🙂

    • Dear Vinay,

      Thank you for your kind comments. The speech by Steve Jobs was indeed memorable and inspiring. Its one of my favorites. The comparison you discovered is amusing. Will have to listen to it once again now:)

  2. Great post Swati. I am sure these are the mistakes which we all do and unfortunately we don’t even realize this. I am sure this blog will definitely help many others to think about them…

    • True Alok, thats the biggest defeating point that we commit these mistakes without even realizing their negative impact on our goals.

  3. Well compiled points, these are not only mistakes but I would say “known errors” which we ignore !!
    I can not say that one can correct all mentioned mistakes( neither one commits all mistakes) but a proper planning and determination will surely help to overcome all these !!!
    Anyways, well written post and congrats !! Do keep inspiring others and self !!

    • Hi Pritesh,

      Good to see your comments back on my blog. I am glad you found the list helpful. Yes I guess it is common mistakes that we tend to ignore but can be avoided if we become a little more conscious and aware. Keep dropping by!

  4. Hi Swati..
    Mr. Google send me here, and lucky me to read your truly great advices above..
    I’ll be back here later.
    Keep on and happy blogging.. 🙂

    • Hi Reena,

      I am quite curious, what exactly did you searched for when you landed here?
      But its good you did and thanks for taking out the time to share your views.
      Do keep dropping by and I hope you enjoy all your visits here.

      • “I am quite curious, what exactly did you searched for when you landed here?”
        That’s secret keywords, Swati. Just a little part of the story of my life.. 😀
        If you have time, visit my new online home too ..
        Maybe you can find some useful health & beauty tips from a mom with 3 kids like me..haha..
        Nice to ‘meet’ you, beautiful.. Greeting from Indonesia.. 🙂

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