7 Things that happened When I went Technology Free

technology free

I had been reading a lot of articles lately on how the internet, smart phones and social media are posing a serious threat to its users , sucking us into an unsatisfying digital facsimile of reality by making its users more lonely,… Continue Reading


Natural ways to boost metabolism and defeat obesity

boost metabolism

A good high rate of metabolism is key to healthy living. Read easy tips and suggestions on food and    health to improve metabolism and reduce obesity.     Living plants and animals require energy for sustaining life, to grow,… Continue Reading


To My Friend Who Chooses to be Childfree

childfree in India

This post was first published in Huffington Post dated 18th Feb 2015. I met you at the coffee bar, 20 years after we last saw each other at the university. Your effervescence was still intact and your loud laughter only… Continue Reading


Maintaining Motivation : Five Great Tips


Maintaining Motivation: Five Great Tips   Numerous studies have shown that 65% of us fail to keep our New Year resolutions beyond a few weeks. But what if there’s something special you’ve always wanted to achieve, a childhood dream, perhaps? What… Continue Reading


25 New Year Resolutions you should actually be making for 2015

New year resolutions

25 New Year Resolutions you should actually be making for 2015  This Article was republished on Huffington Post dated 1st Jan 2015. New Year is the most exciting time of the year as it brings with it the opportunity to… Continue Reading


25 Signs you are the un-disputed king of Delhi Driving

delhi driving

There is something more than just a License you need to deal with Delhi traffic and roads – a little bit of the true Delhi spirit running in your blood because you either have it or you don’t! 1. You… Continue Reading


The Invader and the conqueror – a short poem

Two people using iPhones

The Invasion of our lives by bright lit gleaming screens is more real than fictional. The author laments about leading a life at the beck and call of our mobiles, iPad’s and what not…. Ah!!! Where are those days when we… Continue Reading